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The Raid Redemption: Live in Mongolia

One allegedly corrupted former president, more than 600 hundred police and special force, 10 floor apartment, no way out

Not long after my post about the new Indonesian action movie, The Raid: Redemption, a reader from Mongolia  informed me about a similar case happening in Mongolia at the moment, only this one involved hundreds of squad team and police. Here is the contribution to illustrate what just happened in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (thanks B).

The commotion: police officers in black, Enkhbayar's bodyguards and
supporters in other colors (in front of the entrance door)

"On Nov 11, 2010, the Republic of China (Taiwan) Supreme Court sentenced former president陳水扁 Chén Shuǐbiǎn, and his wife 吳淑珍 Wúshūzhēn, due to allegations of corruption and abuse of authority. He is currently serving a 19-year sentence in the Taipei Prison, reduced from a life sentence. He is also ordered to pay a fine of NT$ 154 million (US$ 5.13 million).

Chen stepped down on May 20, 2008, the same day that Kuomintang party (國民 Guómíndǎng, KMT) candidate Ma Ying-Jeou (馬英 Mǎ Yīngjiǔ) took office as the new President of the Republic of China. Just one hour after he passed his presidential tenure to Ma Ying-Jeou, as a former President of the Republic of China elected from Democratic Progressive Party (民主進步 Mínzhǔ jìnbù dǎng, DPP) who no longer enjoy the presidential immunity, he received restraining order by Taiwanese prosecutors to leave the country. 

Chen is considered as Taiwan first democratic president.

His supporters have insisted that “his trial have been unfair and politically motivated”, revenge from the opposition party, Kuomintang, against his years in power.

Just yesterday, on April 13, 2012, a similar case happened in Mongolia, only the roles were reversed. The former president Nambar Enkhbayar Н.Энхбаяр (from Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, similar to Taiwan's KMT) has been detained by a team from the Authority against Corruption with the support from the police force. Around 6 am, the said special force (in ordinary clothes) raided his apartment and arrested the former president by force. This was a second attempt of arrest from 10 pm seize the night before which involved guns, car breaking, and special agents in civilian clothes. Mongolian newspapers and websites reported that while more than 500 polices and 50 police squad surrounded the apartment to prevent Enkhbayar’s bodyguards, protesters and party members to go inside, more than 20 members of special force from the Authority against Corruption executed the operation. Live action similar to the movie “The Raid Redemption” happened in Mongolia; only the ratio was dramatically changed, it was one allegedly corrupted former president versus more than 600 hundred members of police and the special force.

E. Amarbat, the head of the Investigation Department of Authority Against Corruption stated that Enkhbayar is under investigation for corruption and has been accused of resisting arrest. After the arrest, four parliament members (УИХ-ын гишүүн) Ts. Shinebayar (Ц.Шинэбаяр), O. Chuluunbat (О.Чулуунбат),  D. Terbishdagva (Д.Тэрбишдагва), Ch. Ulaan (Ч.Улаан) who were with the former president during the seize, announced that the operation was executed violently.

Enkhbayar - taken by force

The special force violated not only the former president’s immunity, but also flipped two parliament members from their seats and pinned them under the sofa and hit the other two parliament members most obviously on the face (the video of the event - from Here is the moment when the special force broke in.


N. Enkhbayar was the Prime Minister of Mongolia from 2000-2004, the Speaker of Parliament from 2004-2005 and the President of Mongolia from 2005-2009. He successfully convinced the Russian government to waive Mongolia's debt of US$ 180 million to Russia which was accumulated during the former Soviet Union period.

N. Enkhbayar

In the 2009 presidential election, N. Enkhbayar from Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party was defeated by Ts. Elbegdorj from Democratic Party with a near-miss of 3.8% vote difference. As the president, Elbergdorj holds the power to:
  • Appoint the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of Mongolia
  • Act as commander in chief of the armed forces
  • Nominate the Prosecutor General, the officer in charge of implementing the laws
Enkhbayar’s supporters have stated that the arrest violates the former president's immunity and was politically motivated. 

If he is really corrupted, facts and time will give the clear evidence. And the timing itself is rather critical, 2-3 months away from the parliament election. If what Enkhbayar’s supporters alleged was true and the arrest was politically motivated, who is behind this arrest and what is the real agenda? What is this  "democracy" that Mongolia has had for more than two decades?

What do you think?"

Well, guys, what do YOU think?

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